3 New Pizzacraft Items Any Home Chef Needs Right Now

How can you improve upon pizza!? It’s basically the perfect food and with endless varieties, the perfect food you will never get tired of eating, or making. We live for the diehard ‘make your own pizza’ people – that’s who we are endlessly developing products for and this year we released 3 new tools that will take your pizza game – and any home cooking even further. Get all items here.


NEW! Over The Top™ Pizza Cheese Grater

I love this product. A flat, wide, and open cheese grater is just a good idea in general. Sorry to hate on the old school 4-sided grater, but there are better options out there! Top features of the Over The Top™ Pizza Cheese Grater are its “legs” that rest on the outside of your pizza so you can grate fresh cheese directly “over the top.” Saves time and an extra counter top clean up! The open design also makes the grater itself easier to clean. Add freshly grated cheese to any pizza - like parmesan to a classic Neapolitan pie - or meal and enjoy the delicious benefits. Get it here.

NEW! Oil Infuser Bottle

Add major flavor and a style points to a piping hot pizza with the Oil Infuser Bottle. Easily infuse your favorite flavors like rosemary, chili pepper, chives, garlic, basil, thyme, or pepper into olive oil, and then drizzle on your favorite pizza pies.

Here’s how: Make sure your bottle is clean and completely dry. Add the flavor you want first, like a few cloves of peeled garlic. Then fill the bottle with your favorite olive oil. Give it a shake and let sit for at least an hour in a cool, dry place. The longer you let the oil infuse, the bolder the flavor will be. Before each use, give the bottle a light shake. 

The bottle has dual spigots to control the flow making it simple and easy to add bold flavors or a finishing drizzle onto that Neapolitan pizza or any meal. Get it here.


NEW! Round Bamboo Cutting Board

Durable and beautiful, our new 13.5 inch Round Bamboo Cutting Board is great for presenting your Neapolitan pizza dinner to family or guests. It’s stylish, and the soft grip handle makes it easier to transfer from kitchen to table for serving.

Bamboo is an ideal cutting board surface for many reasons. It is easy to maintain, more sanitary than hardwood boards, looks beautiful, and is a highly renewable resource. Like the above products, this cutting board is another great and functional tool to have in your kitchen. Get it here.

So maybe you don’t make pizza for dinner that often, but when you do it’s worth the effort as its own delicious reward. Having helpful cooking tools makes making dinner fun and easy, especially if they can be used again and again on a nightly basis.

Is it dinnertime yet?

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