What's Your Favorite Pizza Dough?

Working with Pizza Dough on a Silicone Mat

Shhhh, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. . . .

We use Lamonica’s pre-made pizza dough in our Pizzacraft test kitchen!

We used to make our own dough on a regular basis, but discovered Lamonica’s dough and that was that. Time after time, results have proven that whether cooked in a conventional oven or in the Pizzeria Pronto, Lamonica’s crust is tasty, perfectly golden, and crisp with the right amount of soft chewiness inside. Lamonica’s pizza dough is conveniently sold in the frozen department of several independent chains throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl, Andronico’s, Mollie Stone’s, Piedmont Grocery, Lunardi’s, and New Leaf Markets carry Lamonica’s one-pound pizza dough balls in regular, whole wheat, or whole grain varieties. Lamonica’s also offers organic dough balls!

Lamonica's Pizza Dough Logo 

You can check out the listing of Lamonica distributors, although it is not offered nationwide. Lamonica’s primarily sells to pizzerias and stores, like Costco, that use the dough to make pizza for sale by the slice.) Instructions on the one-pound bag say that the dough ball will make a 14-inch pizza. This will create a doughier pizza with a thicker crust. We like our pizza thin and crisp and find that one dough ball makes two 10 – 12-inch, thin, New York-style pizzas. We have also used Lamonica’s to make delectable calzone, stuffed crust pizza, and rachetta (a racket-shaped pizza with a stuffed “handle”)!

A Perfect Crust on our Beet and Fennel Pizza

We aren’t the only ones that think Lamonica’s dough tastes good. It was the winner of San Francisco Chronicle’s Taster’s Choice panel for ‘Do it Yourself Pizza’ in 2011. Lamonica’s has been perfecting the art of pizza dough since 1954. The Lamonica family came from Italy and opened pizzerias along the northeastern seaboard. They’ve sold frozen pizza dough since 1962.

So you don’t think this is a paid advertisement for Lamonica’s, we assure you we have tried other pre-made dough brands, like Trader Joe’s, with less-than-stellar results. We just haven’t come across any other noteworthy dough yet. We’ve heard good things about Safeway Select dough, but have yet to try it.

Stay tuned and we’ll let you know our opinion. Try Lamonica’s and let us know what you think. We bet it will become a staple in your freezer once you experience the great taste, wonderful texture, and convenience of Lamonica’s Pizza Dough.



Ingredients for Lamonica’s dough include:

- Wheat flour (contains malted barley flour, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid)
- Water
- Sea Salt
- Semolina
- Yeast
- Canola Oil
- Olive Oil
- Allergens: Contains Wheat

I am going to email you directly with the nutrition facts that Lamonicas has provided.

Norma Knepp

I wonder if the Lamonica frozen dough balls have the Nutrition Facts and the ingredient list on the package the dough balls come in. If they do could you please post some photos of the Nutrition Facts and the ingredient list.



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