New Pizzeria Pronto Accessories for 2015

For many people, the New Year’s holiday is the perfect time to celebrate, reflect, and spend time with friends and family. For those of us here at the Pizzacraft headquarters, New Years means plenty of exciting new additions to our product line – and what better product to tailor new accessories to than the Pizzeria Pronto? Here's a rundown of the new Pizzeria Pronto accessories for 2015:

Pizza Oven Warming Rack

Because the Pizzeria Pronto is capable of producing a pizza from scratch in around five minutes, you’ll often finish baking a second pizza before the first one you made has been eaten. Instead of rushing your guests to eat their slices faster, we’ve designed a warming tray that uses residual heat from the oven to keep your finished pizza nice and hot. Simply install the included pizza tray mount by setting on your oven’s hood exhaust, place your finished pizza on a pan (sold separately), and place the tray into the frame. You’ll be able to effectively keep your pizza hot while your pizza fans finish your first masterpiece!

Pizza Oven Wood Smoker

Pizza Oven Smoker Box and Pellet Shovel

Many customers have asked us if it was possible to use wood chips while cooking pizza. While initially the Pronto didn’t have a dedicated smoker box, we knew due to popular request that one MUST be made! After some initial testing, we quickly found out how to develop a smoker box that works great with the pronto. The box is placed at the back of the oven, between the pizza stones. It can be filled with pellets or soaked-and-drained wood chips, and includes a long handled scoop for conveniently refilling the box when your pellets or chips burn out. 

Pizza Oven Wok Set for Pizzacraft Pizza Ovens

Pizza Oven Wok Kit

Coincidentally, a few of the features that make the Pronto so efficient at cooking pizza also make it a great appliance to use when it comes to wok cooking. Woks require high heat to produce the authentic taste of a wok-fired dish, referred to as “Wok Hei” or “breath of the wok.” Since the pizza oven comes with a 14,500 BTU burner, it’s much better suited for this technique than your average kitchen stove. In addition to the higher heat output, the fact that the oven is an outdoor appliance provides another advantage. This means you can take all the mess that can come from high-heat wok cooking outside, where splatters and spills are much easier to deal with. No more deep cleaning your stove after cooking your favorite stir fry, lo mein or broccoli beef!

From smoking your pizzas to cooking stir fry, these accessories will give you some inspiration the next time you decide on something new and fresh for dinner. 2015 is definitely your year to become a Pizzeria Pronto expert!

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Mark Benson

You guys should make an exhaust stack for the Pronto unit to move the exhaust heat up higher away from the cook.

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