A New Baking Stone for a New Era of Home Baked Pizzas!

The Most Effective Pizza Stone 

The days of ordering pizzas are over and a new era has begun. Now that it is easy to make amazing custom pizzas at home, there is no reason to wait twice the time for a cold delivery pizza. That is why so many people have purchased their own Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven and made pizza nights their own endeavor.

Yet, not all of us have the space for an outdoor oven or the need for a speedy pizza making machine. That is why so many of us rely on our home ovens for all of our pizza making needs.

Unfortunately, home ovens didn’t have pizza making in mind and they pose a few problems when attempting to make that perfect pizza.

Why Is A Pizza Stone Better? 

  • Even Heating 

  • Thermal Shock Resistant 

  • Far Better Crust! 

  • Quicker Cook Time 

First, a traditional oven has very uneven heating. This occurs because the oven heats from heating elements that create hot spots in different areas of the oven.

Secondly, the traditional oven lacks a high heat transfer rate. Unlike pizza ovens, when a pizza is placed in a regular oven it will take a longer amount of time for the heat to transfer into the pizza - making getting that nice crispy crust with perfectly melted cheese very hard.

Cooks Illustrated even shows how an oven test can demonstrate how severe hot spots can be in some broilers.

Luckily, Pizzacraft has engineered a solution to these problems. We saw how the uneven heating of regular ovens was ruining pizzas and created a pizza stone that would fix these issues.

The Best Pizza Stone For The Job 

ThermaBond® Pizza Stone with Heat Transfer Pattern was our innovative answer to these problems. The new stone we created fixes both the uneven heating and slow heat transfer rates of regular ovens making it the most efficient baking stone.

Best Pizza Stone

It does this by using its  ThermaBond®  stone construction to quickly conduct heat into the bottom of a pizza just like a pizza oven would do. This allows for perfectly even heating of the crust at much higher heat transfer rates than regular oven racks.

It also uses a circular heat transfer pattern in the bottom of the stone to guide oven air flow and eliminate hot spots. This makes sure that your pizza is thoroughly cooked.

Thermabond Best Pizza Stone

The ThermaBond® Pizza Stone with Heat Transfer Pattern has just been released and is ready to make your home baked pizzas better than ever. Try it out at your next pizza night and let us know what you think!

For tips on how to clean your ceramic pizza stone check out:


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