A Pizza Fit For Father's Day!

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What Every Dad Wants

There are many ways to surprise the Dad in your life this Father’s Day. Yet, we know that sometimes Dads are hard to shop for because they tend to buy the things they want as soon as they want them. Personally, my Dad makes things easy for Mom and me by circling what he wants in the hardware store ads, or even buying it for himself the week before and saying, “this is my Father’s Day gift”. If he doesn’t do that, it’s pretty easy to assume he just wants the family home for a nice dinner.

So whether or not you already have the perfect gift for dad, here is a special pizza recipe sure to make dad’s night by bringing the family together over some freshly baked pizza.

The Sausage Apple Pizza

Sausage Apple Pizza Recipe

- A little gourmet twist on the basic sausage pizza by adding thin cut apple slices. The sweetness of the apple is a nice contrast to the flavors of hot sausage on this pizza. Ever had chicken apple sausage? Well here is the pizza version.


Uncooked Hot Italian Sausage
Fuji Apple Slices
Marinara Sauce
Shredded mozzarella
Pepper Flakes

sausage apple pizza


1. Slice apple in half and then into thin wedges
2. Prep dough and add marinara sauce
3. Add a thin layer of shredded mozzarella
4. Place apple slices in a circle on the pizza (yes, they get cooked too)
5. Pull sausage and place sausage bits around the pizza. Make sure they are not too big of pieces or they will not cook evenly with the dough.
6. We cooked this pizza on the grill to add a bit of smoke flavor. To do so you can use a pizza stone safe for the grill, or the PizzaQue® Pizza Baking Kit for Kettle or Gas Grills.

Pizza baking stone

Pizza Baking Gear For DAD

Pizza Recipes For The Rest Of The Year

No matter what you cook for dad this Fathers Day we hope he feels the love! If you made the sausage-apple pizza or your own creation we would love to see on Instagram @_pizzacraft  #pizzacraft.

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