Breakfast Pizza Recipe To Start The New Year

 Happy new year! We hope your only resolution this year is to eat more pizza. To start the year off right, we have a yummy breakfast pizza to help you get going after a long night.

Starring an over-easy egg, both of these recipes are packed with enough protein and bread to get you started on all your new resolutions. Not only that, but they can make an amazing breakfast for any day of the year.


To make your own breakfast pizza, prepare the dough the same way you normally would. Keep in mind it needs to be a little thicker to hold the extra weight of the egg. Once the dough is prepped to your liking we have added a few unique ingredients for the morning. Layer the ingredients in the same order as they are listed. For the egg, be careful to not break the yolk.

Pizza One: Greens, Eggs, and Ham


  1. Unsmoked ham
  2. Heavy cream
  3. Gouda
  4. Broccoli
  5. Eggs
  6. Black pepper


Pizza Two: Los Ojos Rojos


  1. Salsa
  2. Jack
  3. Chorizo
  4. Poblano peppers
  5. Eggs


If you prefer, some folks like to cut the pizza into rectangles. This allows you to keep one slice as a full egg. This piece can now be used as the dipping slice as you dip your pizza in the yolk. We hope this recipe adds a little fun to your morning this year, feel free to comment, like, and share below!

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When preparing a breakfast pizza does one first cook the dough and then add the egg and additional ingredients? At what temperature is the pizza cooked and do the eggs cook at the same temperature, and finally – timing?
Thank you very much.
Larry Olive


Hi Andy,

This is a good question. A possible solution would be to let the dough fully rise, knead the dough into balls, and let them rise more overnight in the fridge. When you wake up all you need to do is let the dough come to room temp and it will be good to cook.


I love these recipes. I have a practical question about breakfast pizzas. Since pizza dough needs a long time to rise before baking, are there any shortcuts to making a breakfast pizza without having to get up an hour or two beforehand to get the dough rising?

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