Convert Your Kettle Grill To A Pizza Grill!

Convert your Kettle Grill to a Pizza Grill!

 Why Wood Fired Pizza Is The Best

A lot of homeowners already have a charcoal grill at home and wonder, “Can I cook pizza on my grill”? The answer is most defiantly, YES. Cooking Pizza on a charcoal grill is a great option because charcoal reaches extremely high temptress that mimic the amazing cooking abilities of a wood-fired pizza oven. With a few simple conversions to your Kettle grill, you can have your own outdoor pizza oven.

Pizza grill for Charcoal Grills

How To Make Grilled Pizza

While the kettle grill is an amazing design there are a few things that need to be altered to make it the best pizza oven. The PizzaQue Pizza Kit For Kettle Grills adds a middle layer to the grill where a stone can be placed. This allows the coals to heat the pizza stone and cook the crust like a pizza oven would - hot and fast. The added opening of the kettle kit allows a pizza to be slid inside and rotated during cooking.

Kettle Kit for conversion

Grilling Pizza With A Pre-made Crust - Don’t Do It

The Kettle kit is the best option for grilled pizza because unlike a standard grill the pizza can be cooked all at once. On a regular grill, without a preheated stone, the pizza crust has to be cooked first, then taken off, toppings applied, and then warmed up the rest of the way. This is in no way ideal for making great BBQ pizza. The Kettle kit converts your grill to become the one-stop pizza oven your pie deserves.

The Right Grill For The Job

The PizzaQue Pizza Kit For Kettle Grills fits both 18” and 22.2” diameter Weber® and Master Forge® grills. For an in-depth explanation of sizing and parts you can read our blog on the product features here.


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