How To Get Rid Of Pizza Dough Bubbles!

Bubbles in your pizza dough can be a bummer, whether they are big and all the toppings slide off, or small and get burnt to a crisp. Either way, they were not part of the plan. Luckily there are a few tricks to avoid these annoying bubbles and they are simple to include in your pizza dough prep.

1. Under-Proofed Dough

Bubbles sometimes occur because of under-proofed dough. In this case, you will often get small bubbles that are thin and tend to pop and burn. If this is your main issue the simple fix is to ferment your dough for longer. It is possible to get bubbles from the over-proofed dough as well but this is not as common.

2. Using A Dough Docker 

Pizza dough bubbles can also be fixed by using a Pizzacraft Dough Docker to remove air bubbles before putting toppings on your pizza. The dough docker is a fast and easy way to make sure the dough is thoroughly kneaded and all bubbles have been removed. With the dough docker, you can worry a little less about fermentation time because the dough will be better prepped for the oven


3. Watching For Bubbles 

Using these techniques, you can be more confident that your perfect pizza will not be ruined by bubbles. If the worst-case scenario occurs and a bubble forms while cooking your best option is to pull the pizza out and pop the bubble with a knife before continuing to cook.

We hope these tips get you one step closer to the pizza of your dreams. If you have any other dough questions or pizza questions in general, please leave a comment below.

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