How To Make Your Friends Love Pineapple Pizza

The Pineapple Pizza Debate 

The Hawaiian pizza debate has been a long-standing argument regarding the use of pineapple on pizza. Frankly, I do not see what all the fuss is about. Pineapple on pizza is great. Yet, critics like chef Gordon Ramsey claim pineapple does not belong on pizza.

Pizzacraft, on the other hand, views the pizza as a blank canvas, full of opportunity and non-discriminatory toward toppings. Isn’t making pizza a craft of skill and experimentation after all? Having my own Pizzeria Pronto Pizza Oven gives me the ability to be the creator of my own unique pizza, and that is one of my favorite things about it.

This week we made a beautiful Hawaiian pizza with full slices of pineapple and as expected half the office loved it and the other half scoffed at the idea. So in an attempt to sway the divided crowd, here are 8 reasons you should love pineapple on pizza!

Pineapple Pizza Debate

8 Reasons to Love Pineapple Pizza 

  1. Sweet and savory - Pineapple and ham on a classic Hawaiian pizza is the perfect combination of sweet and savory
  2. It's fruit! - Fruit is healthy
  3. It has its own cult following – On both Instagram and Reddit pineapple pizza is followed and loved by its supporters
  4. There are far worse options - Some people are putting strawberries on their pizza
  5. You can leave off the sauce – With pineapple, there’s enough acidic taste there
  6. Makes you a rebel - Someone is going to be offended, you can tell them how your love for pineapple pizza means you’re fun and lighthearted
  7. Everyone loves Hawaii - Even though the pineapple pizza was first created in Canada
  8. Pineapple makes wine - You can make wine out of pineapple and wine goes very well with pizza

Pineapple Pizza Debate

I hope these reasons at least get you to try a slice if you are a nonbeliever. If you still hate pineapple pizza let us know why in the comments below. Follow us on Instagram to see what kind of pizza we are making today @_Pizzacraft

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Like so many toppings, make sure you cook the pinaapple before you add it to your pizza. Ideally you get an attractive caramalization on the pineapple and reduce the water volume, concentrating the flavor. Or at least this is how I approach making my friends love pineapple on piza.


I can’t eat cheese on fish, I can’t eat pineapple on my Pizza. My grandma Mrs, LaGrua would come back from the grave and slap me into the next world

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