Introducing Jonny Meinke: Pizzacraft’s New Culinary Manager!

Did you know that Pizzacraft employs its own Culinary Manager? Well, we do! The Culinary Manager’s job is to help test product prototypes, write recipes and books for our products, and occasionally win brownie points by letting us test their amazing pizza. They also help us answer pizza-related customer service questions. Things we don’t know offhand because we don’t have the same level of kitchen expertise that they do.
We sat down with Jonny recently to learn more about his relationship with our favorite food.
Introducing Jonny
What is your fondest pizza memory?
I worked at a restaurant called Oliveto where they had a huge wood fired pizza oven. It was really fun and challenging working with a live fire.

Do you eat pizza crusts? Is it ever acceptable to throw out the crust?
I always eat the crust, unless it is reheated day old pizza.

What is your preferred style of crust?
Neapolitan crust is my favorite. When its done right its amazing. Thin, crispy, and delicious whats not to like.

What’s one ingredient that you’d never want on a pizza?
I don't think there is an ingredient I wouldn't want on a pizza.

What is your ideal pair of toppings?
One of my favorite pizzas is fresh mozzarella that's been smoked, sliced garlic, and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes. It's simple but incredibly delicious.

How often do you eat pizza each month? 
Lets just say too much. There's no need to get into specifics.

Which is the most important quality of a pizza: Sauce, Cheese, Dough, or toppings?
Its all equally important. If one is out of whack it can ruin a pizza, but if they are all balanced it's amazing.

Are you a folder?
Absolutely. I call it the Italian taco.

When is the best time for pizza?
Pizza can be eaten at any time. I'm not here to judge anyone.
Introducing Jonny



Lynne, thanks for your question. I’ve always put the egg on before hand. With regards to the dough sticking, I would try adding more of the flour and cornmeal to the peel before you but the pizza on it. The other issue with it sticking is the amount of sauce and toppings. When it comes to what goes on the dough, less is more. Too much sauce and the dough becomes wet and sticks. Too many ingredients, and the dough doesn’t get crispy. I hope that helps. Also, thought I’d share one of my favorite ways of slicing a pizza with egg on it: I like to cut it like a # sign. So you get 8 square slices around the center slice that has the egg on it. That way you can break the yolk and dip the other slices into it, saving the center piece for last.


Since you say that you can put any toppings on pizza and eat it any time, can you share a technique for making “breakfast” pizza. I don’t need a recipe – I put eggs, cheese, and meat (chopped bacon, ham, or sausage), but I’m having trouble figuring out the process. I tried cooking the crust in my Pizzaque, then adding the toppings, but the eggs did not set. I had to put it in the broiler for like 10 minutes. Then I tried to put the eggs on before cooking the crust, and it was impossible to get on and off the peel (ended up as ugly breakfast calzone). So, do you have any experience to share? Thanks.

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