Hey Serious Bakers! Five Ways To Up Your Baking Game

Will the real bakers please stand up? We know we talk a lot about pizza over here at Pizzacraft, but we love other baked food too! And there’s nothing quite like making your favorite treats from scratch. Here are a few ways your pizza-making accessories do double duty:

  1. Baguettes. Mmm, baguettes. Who doesn’t love tearing off the end of a baguette and dipping it in olive oil? Or maybe taking the end of a baguette, slicing it in half length-wise, and layering it with some thinly sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella? If you’re making baguettes at home, you’ll know that it’s tricky to find the right baking surface for this long, narrow bread. Many baking stones are either round or square, so there isn’t enough room for the whole baguette. The Pizzacraft 20 x 13.5 Rectangular ThermaBond™ Baking/Pizza Stone is one of our most popular pizza stones, but its size also makes it the perfect surface for baguette baking!

  1. Brownies. We love thick, moist brownies studded with walnuts and chocolate chips. Then there are the less traditional options, like bourbon brownies, or brownies topped with almond toffee. The Pizzacraft Hard Anodized Aluminum Rectangle Pan is perfect for any and all of them. Simply pour your brownie batter into this pan, which measures 13” by 9.5”. When you’re done with the sweets, wash the pan off, and use it to make some deep-dish pizza! It’s the best of both worlds.

  1. Pretzels. A fresh pretzel takes us back to beachy summer days, walking on the boardwalk with a pretzel in one hand and an ice-cold drink in the other. And we’ve all been at the mall and gotten a delicious whiff of freshly baked pretzels from a nearby stand. But once you’ve made pretzels at home, it’ll be hard to eat one from anywhere else. The Pizzacraft Baking Steel eliminates hot spots, producing crisp, uniformly browned pretzel exterior!

  1. Calzones and empanadas. If you’ve ever tried making these crispy-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside baked treats, you know folding the edges is the hardest part. Sometimes the dough tears as you’re trying to get the edges closed, leaving you with a sticky mess of raw dough and filling. The Pizzacraft Calzone Press takes care of this problem. Simply place the dough inside the press, add your fillings, and close it up!

  1. Cookies. Yes, you heard right. There are several great alternatives to the cheap baking sheet that you’ve used for ages. Standard baking sheets are easy to find, but they often heat unevenly and we’ve definitely ended up with a few burnt batches because of them. Is there anything sadder than throwing away cookies? We love the Glazed ThermaBond™ Pizza Stone for baking our favorite cookies. When they’re done, these delicious babies slide right off, and clean up is a cinch.

Though we love pizza and eat it as often as we can, we always leave room for other home-made baked treats. If you love baking like we do and have any delicious baking tips, we’re all ears!

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