The Biggest Mistakes When Making Pizza!

The Most Common Pizza Mistakes! 

With millions of pizzas being made around the world, it is no wonder that people make some common mistakes! Although pizza seems like a straightforward food to make, there are many elements to baking your own pie that can make the process tricky and affect your final product. Below are the most common questions we get about making pizza and the steps you need to take to fix them.

1. My dough won’t stretch!
One of the most common pizza problems has to do with dough prep. Whether you make your own dough or buy it at the store – it has to proof (or rest) for a bit. Many people want to start working with their pizza dough right away and attempt to stretch and form their dough before it is fully proofed. This will cause the dough to shrink and resist being stretched into a nice crust. If this is the case you need to let your dough proof at room temperature for at least 30 mins or longer before stretching.

2. My dough is too hard!
Sometimes when too much flour is added, dough will come out hard and stiff. This can be caused by overworking the dough either by hand or with a roller. Overworking dough will pop all the tiny bubbles that make pizza crust so airy and fluffy once cooked. The hard crust can also be caused by the type of flour you use. The best flour for pizza dough is ’00’ flour because it is a finer grind of flour than common baking flour.

3. My pizza is soggy
Probably the most common mistake of new pizza makers is soggy pizza dough. This due to overloading the pizza with toppings – including sauce and cheese! While it's easy to get excited and think the more toppings the better! This excitement will quickly cause a lot of problems. The excess toppings will make the raw dough very soggy and hard to move from the peel to oven. Similarly, the added toppings will also make the pizza take longer to cook and risks burning the bottom before all the layers on top are ready and cause undercooked dough in the middle of the pie.

4. That's the wrong sauce
Many people will go the extra mile to make their own pizza dough from scratch, only to put a premade sauce right on top of it. This is a huge mistake as the strongest flavors coming from your pizza are the dough and sauce! Making your own sauce will give you far more control over what kind of pizza you are trying to make, for a great homemade sauce recipe you can check out: How to make your own pizza sauce.

5. Don’t put it in a pan!
This is a very common mistake mostly because people do not have the right equipment to make a pizza at home. Everyone wants the brick oven taste but then cooks a pizza on a pan for 25-min in a conventional oven! The issue here is that baking pans or cookie sheets are too thin to conduct high heat to the dough, this makes for a slowly baked pizza that results in a hard crust and soupy toppings. Pizzas are meant to be cooked quickly because fast cooking crisps up the crust without sucking all the moisture out of it. There is no excuse for pan cooking a pizza when pizza stones and baking steels are such an inexpensive upgrade!

Pizza can be complicated! Yet, the complexity is probably what makes it one of the most fun foods to make. Every day I see great pictures of families all over the world getting together to make amazing pizzas! You don’t see that as much with a pasta dish or taco night. Probably because pizza is extremely customizable adds many layers of creativity to the cooking process! So continue to create and we hope these tips help those pizzas reach a new level! If you have any more questions please continue to reach out! We are happy to see you crafting pizzas and are here to make it the best experience possible.

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Yocelin Perea Nava

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