Everything You Need To Know About The Rotating Pizza Stone!

Our Newest Rotating Pizza Stone

Why Rotate Anyway? 

When cooking in the Pronto® or PizzaQue®, we recommend rotating your pizza halfway through cooking time by removing the pizza with a peel - spinning it halfway around - and then sliding it back inside the oven to promote even cooking.  

Yet, this process can be tricky, and many oven owners have pointed out that rotating the pizza can be a complicated process. The new rotating stone now takes care of that important step in one easy motion, eliminating any chance of burnt fingers or messed up pizzas. 

Works With Our Pizzacraft Outdoor Ovens

The Rotating Pizza Stone Set is compatible exclusively with the Pizzeria Pronto® Outdoor Pizza Oven - PC6000 and the PizzaQue® Outdoor Pizza Oven - PC6500.

How It Works

Super easy to use! The Rotating Pizza Stone Set has a top stone with six grooves placed at regular intervals around the edge of the 14 inch stone. To use, grab one of the grooves with the turning tool and push the stone clockwise. The stones are set between a rotating bearing ring.

The set includes a bottom stone, top stone, rotating bearing, and stainless steel turning tool with an easy-grip vinyl-coated handle. The pizza stones are the same size and are made of the same ThermaBond® material as the standard stones that come with the outdoor ovens.

Extensive Bearing Testing

The Rotating Stone bearing's operating temperature range exceeds that of our pizza oven. Long term testing has shown that the Rotating Pizza stone bearing maintains its operating performance inside the oven throughout your pizza cooking experience. This stone will not work with the Stovetop Pizza Oven due to its size. They’re an excellent addition to your Pronto or PizzaQue ovens!

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Hi Karl, The rotating stone doesn’t currently work for the pizzaque for kettle grills. This is a smaller stone than what comes with that set.


Will this work on the PizzaQue Kit for Kettle Grills?



Hi Fabio! You can buy it from this website at this link for shipment within the US: https://www.pizzacraft.com/products/rotating-pizza-stone

If you’re not in the US, we may have some other options. I’ll email you directly!


Onde posso comprar?

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