Two Pizza Recipes Perfect For Spring

Spring Inspired Pizza Recipes 

Spring is finally here and with it comes an array of fresh ingredients to top our pizzas with! If you are like me, your cravings change with the seasons. While I may have wanted a deep-dish sausage pizza in the middle of winter… the hot sun and fresh air has me wanting fresh and green ingredients.

Inspired by the season of spring, we headed to our local farmer's market to pick up some edible inspirations. We kept these pizzas light, and focused on newly harvested vegetables to say goodbye to winter and welcome the oncoming summer months with something a little lighter and brighter!

Pizza One: “Cream Of The Crop”

farmers market pizza recipe


1. Heavy Cream
2. Fresh mozzarella and provolone
3. Asparagus
4. Leeks
5. Snap peas

Pizza Two: “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Flower Speck-led Egg Zucchini"

spring pizza recipe


1. Tomato Sauce
2. Zucchini
3. Fresh mozzarella
4. 1 Egg
5. Speck* 
6. Arugula (add after cooking)
7. Edible wildflowers (add after cooking)

*Speck is a thin cut spice cured ham that packs amazing flavor! If you can't find speck, you can substitute with prosciutto. 
*If using a pizza stone, preheat your oven and stone to 475ºF 

Tip: Be ready to place your pizza in the oven as soon as you crack the egg on it. The longer the egg sits on the dough the more it will hydrate the dough and become sticky. If you desire a harder cooked egg, slide a pizza screen under the crust halfway through cooking time to give the top more time to cook without burning the crust.

egg pizza recipe

*Both these pizzas were cooked in the Pizzeria Pronto at high heat.

pizzeria pronto outdoor pizza oven

We hope you enjoy these two spring pizzas and we encourage you to try out the recipes yourself! If you cooked one let us know how it was in the comments below or post a picture on Instagram with #Pizzacraft

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