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4 PC Set of Pizza Making Supplies: Cookbook, Peel, Slicer & Square Stone
  • 4 PC Set of Pizza Making Supplies: Cookbook, Peel, Slicer & Square Stone
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Having the right tools is the first step to making pizza at home. We start you off with a 15" square ThermaBond® pizza stone. ThermaBond® stones are manufactured with Pizzacraft’s exclusive ThermaBond® technology; specially formulated to eliminate thermal shock breakage, promote even heat distribution and retention, and guaranteed durability for consistent cooking on the oven or grill.

The next essential tool is a pizza peel, or sometimes known as a pizza paddle. This item helps you transfer your pizza to and from the pizza stone. We recommend building your pizza directly on the peel with a handful of flour or cornmeal between the dough and the pizza peel.

Once you have assembled the pizza, moving it onto the stone is a breeze with a peel! This aluminum peel has a folding handle for easy storage. When your pizza is done baking, you'll want to have a pizza cutter on hand for evenly sliced pizza (to prevent fighting over the biggest slice). Center the stainless steel blade of the pizza cutter on your pizza and rock from left to right.

Finally, you don't have to stick with standard cheese and pepperoni! The pizza cookbook is packed with over 100 pages of methods, equipment, recipes and photographs to help with technique and topping combinations.

With all these items, you'll be a master pizziaolo in no time! The 4 piece set of pizza making supplies includes:

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Weight Stone: 10.7 lb.
Peel: 1 lb.
Cutter: 0.75 lb.
Cookbook: 0.7 lb.
Dimensions Stone: 15" x 15" x 0.6"
Peel: 24" x 12" x 1.2"
Cutter: 13.8" x 4.5" x 1"
Cookbook: 9" x 6" 0.3"
Material Stainless Steel, ThermaBond®, Aluminum, Paper