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Over The Top™ Pizza Cheese Grater
  • Over The Top™ Pizza Cheese Grater
  • Over The Top™ Pizza Cheese Grater
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Your homemade pizza isn’t complete without a hearty sprinkling of freshly-grated cheese! The Over The Top™ Pizza Cheese Grater is a unique cheese grater is specially designed to fit over your uncooked pizza so that the falling shredded cheese lands directly on top of your pie, eliminating that messy middleman of grating on a cutting board, plate, or paper towel, and then bringing it over to your pizza. With a few strokes, your pizza will be topped with the cheese of your choice, and none wasted! Open design also makes for a faster cleanup than traditional enclosed graters.

Weight 1 lb.
Dimensions 13.98"W x 13.98"D x 1.89"H 
Material Plastic, Stainless Steel


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