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13" Nonstick Pizza Screen
  • 13" Nonstick Pizza Screen
  • 13" Nonstick Pizza Screen with Pizza
  • 13" Nonstick Pizza Screen with Pizza
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Recommended if you want to grill pizza on a gas or charcoal grill, though also safe for oven use. The screen's holes give your pizza a little room to breathe and helps to prevent soggy crust, and promotes even cooking. Great for cooking homemade, par-baked, or frozen pizzas.

Makes transferring your pizza from counter to grill or oven easy if you do not have a peel. Can also be used in place of a pizza stone. On a grill, cook pizza using indirect method at 350ºF to 450ºF (176.6ºC to 232.2ºC). Heat safe up to 750°F.

NOTE: This screen DOES NOT fit (nor is it necessary for) any of our ovens (Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop, Portable, or Outdoor Pizza Oven). We offer a 12" Aluminum Pizza Screen that does work with those ovens. 

Weight 1.3 lbs.
Dimensions 13" x 13" x 0.5"
Material Mild Steel with non-stick coating


NOTE: This pizza screen will not fit into any of our pizza ovens.