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Pizza Dough Roller w/ Silicone Dough Rings
  • Pizza Dough Roller w/ Silicone Dough Rings
  • Working Dough with the Dough Roller on the Silicone Dough Mat
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Amazing pizza starts with great crust. Masters toss their dough in the air, working it into the desired shape and thickness. Non-masters rely on a rolling pin to do the work.

To make the job easier, The Pizzacraft pizza dough roller with silicone rings helps roll your dough to an ideal 1/8" crust, quickly and evenly. The rings help you achieve desired thickness without measuring.

Use our silicone dough rolling mat to prevent your pizza dough from sticking to the rolling surface.

Weight 1.2 lbs.
Dimensions 18.58" x 1.97"
Material Silicone, Rubberwood

How to Make Thin Crust Pizza
Making a thin crust pizza can be just as easy as making a regular pizza, but it helps if you have the right technique and a few handy tools