Outdoor Oven Conversion Kit

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This kit comes with 2 items: the Oven Extender and Aluminum Deep Dish Pan and Splatter Screen, also available individually.

The Oven Extender gives you the extra space to cook larger items like calzones and bread. Using the extender increases the size of the opening, allowing larger foods to be cooked using the Aluminum Deep Dish Pan. Note: there is a 25° drop in oven temperature when using the extender. Not compatible with the Wind Door.

The 10" anodized Aluminum Deep Dish Pan and Splatter Screen are perfect for creating any dish in your pizza oven. The heavy-weight aluminum construction makes a great heat conductor to evenly cook any dish. The hard anodized aluminum creates a durable, non-stick surface. The splatter guard keeps the inside of your oven clean and safe from food splatter. The handles fold up against the edge of the pan for better storage while the 10" diameter gives you ample cooking area. The rim of the pan is rolled, making it a safe serving piece that can be presented straight from the oven.

The Outdoor Oven Conversion Kit is an accessory for the Pizzeria Pronto® Outdoor Pizza Oven or the PizzaQue Portable Pizza Oven.    

 Product Specs
Weight 3.5 lbs.
Extender: 16.34 in W x 1.61 in D x 13.16 in H (941.50 cm H x 4.10 cm D x 33.50 cm H)
10.71 in W x 19.81 in D x 1.65 in H (27.20 cm W x 42.70 cm D x 4.20 cm H)
Stainless Steel, Aluminum 
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