Wood Chips

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Charcoal Companion® aromatic wood chips are essential for adding a rich wood smoke flavor to pizzas cooked on a charcoal or gas grill. Wood chips burn safer and hotter than standard charcoal briquettes.

Hickory is one of the most commonly used smoking woods, as it goes well with a variety of ingredients. Hickory wood chips can be used with any type of meat, but it really shines with pork. Making a pizza with bacon or pepperoni on it?

Infuse a bit of hickory smoke to enhance the pizzas flavor profile. Mesquite, a very popular smoking wood, has a strong earthy flavor. It's a great match for practically any type of vegetable you put on your pizzas.

Mesquite also works well with beef or any other strong flavored meats. Mesquite is strong - so start out using it in moderation. If you have one of our Curved Smoker Boxes, wood chips are a must!

Product Specs
Weight 144 cu. in.
Material Hickory or Mesquite Wood
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