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Package of Hickory Wood Pellets
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  • Package of Hickory Wood Pellets
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Charcoal Companion® Smokehouse-Style™ wood pellets add rich wood smoke flavor to pizzas cooked on your portable pizza oven when used with our Pizza Oven Wood Smoker. After installing the wood smoker, use the shovel to add 2-3 scoops of pellets into the smoke reservoir and voila! You're ready to smoke a pizza!

Hickory is one of the most commonly used smoking woods, as it goes well with a variety of ingredients. Hickory may be used with any type of meat, but it really shines with pork. Making a pizza with bacon or pepperoni on it? Infuse a bit of hickory smoke to enhance the pizzas flavor profile. Oak is one of the most mild and versatile smoking woods available. It goes well with virtually any meat and most vegetables. If you've got a wide variety of multiple ingredients, oak is one of your best choices.

As you'd imagine, cherry is a slightly sweet and fruity smoke. These properties make it a good candidate for sweet/savory combinations, or for lighter flavored meats like chicken. Pork as also a good meat to use with cherry wood pellets, as it takes well to sweet flavors.

Weight 48 cu. in.
Material Hickory, Mesquite, Cherry or Oak Wood

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