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Pizza Cone Set
  • Pizza Cone Set
  • Pizza Cone Set
  • Pizza Cone Set
  • Pizza Cone Set
  • Pizza Cone Set
  • Pizza Cone Set
  • Pizza Cone Set
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Pizza cones are sweeping the nation, and Pizzacraft was the first to bring them into the spotlight! The pizza cone kit includes everything you'll need to make these handheld pizza treats at home.

You can make pizza cones with any pizza dough, but we recommend making them with the dough recipe included with the kit.

The 6 piece pizza cone kit includes:

  • 2 Pizza Cones
  • 2 Pizza Cone Stands
  • 1 Dough Cutter
  • 1 Dough Crimper

*Pizza cone pieces are not sold separately. 

Weight 1.3 lbs.
Dimensions Cone: 6.7" Tall
Stand: 4.2" Tall
Material Stainless Steel, Steel Wire, Hardwood
Pizza Cone Dough
  1. Pre-heat oven or grill to 400° F.
  2. Roll pizza dough out to 1/16" thickness and use the cutter to cut the pizza cone shape.
  3. Dab edges of the dough with water and fold over to seal. Use the enclosed dough crimper to ensure the seam is closed.
  4. Slide dough onto the cone mold and parbake for 6-8 minutes, or until it begins to lightly brown.
  5. Remove cone from oven or grill, let it rest for a few minutes then remove crust from the cone mould.
  6. Place parbaked crust into the pizza cone stand and fill with your favorite ingredients.
  7. Return stand and crust to the oven or grill and bake until golden and bubbly.
  8. Let cool before eating... if you can wait that long!

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