Pizza Oven Wind Door

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Keep on cooking even in windy conditions! This Pizza Oven Wind Door fits both Pizzeria Pronto and PizzaQue portable pizza ovens. It provides a barrier across the oven's opening, preventing wind from entering the interior of the oven and 'sweeping away' precious heat.

Slide the stainless steel wind door across the front of the oven while your pizza cooks, then slide it back to remove your finished pie. A sturdy stainless steel handle with heat shield makes using the door easy while keeping your hands away from the heat of the oven.

CAUTION: Product will get hot. Use heat-safe gloves when handling the wind door.

* The Pizza Oven Wind Door is not compatible with the PizzaQue Pizza Kit for Kettle Grills or while using the Oven Extender or the Outdoor Oven Conversion Kit

Product Specs
Weight 0.8 lbs.
Dimensions 13.6" x 6.4" x 3.7"
Material Stainless Steel