8" Ceramic Mini Pizza Stones & Domes

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Complete your gourmet pizza experience at home with this set of ceramic mini pizza stones and stainless steel pizza domes! The domes help retain heat so your pizza toppings cook faster and they also keep your pizza warm before serving.

Each of these two 8" mini pizza stones help to eliminate hot spots while cooking and also great for heating or reheating ready made or frozen foods. The stainless steel pizza domes intensify heat for crispier, more flavorful pizzas, and also keep your pizza warm before serving.

*Pizzacraft stones can withstand temperatures of at least 900°F. Ceramic pizza stones are for oven use only and are not grill safe.

Product Specs
Weight Stones: 1.3 lb. each
Domes: 0.6 lb. each
Dimensions Stones: 8" x 8" x 0.4" each
Domes: 8" x 8" x 2" each
Material Ceramic, Stainless Steel