15" Ceramic Pizza Stone with Solid Frame

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Cook your homemade pizza to perfection, and then serve it with style! This" round ceramic pizza stone gives you the results that professional bakers rely on; its even distribution of high heat cooks your pizza quickly, and with a light, crisp crust.

Once baked, you can bring your pizza directly to the table so your guests can properly admire your handiwork. The solid stainless steel frame handles make carrying your whole setup easy. Use heat-safe gloves when handling and place your hot stone on a heat safe surface while serving.

The stainless steel frame allows you to use on your grill over indirect heat. Do not use this stone without the frame on the grill as it will be subjected to thermal shock damage. 

Product Care

This baking stone is very durable though caution should be exercised to avoid thermal shock, which may crack the stone. Do not expose the stone to extreme temperature changes, such as placing the hot stone into cold water or placing a frozen pizza onto the hot stone. There is no need to "season" a new stone with oil or soak the stone in water before each use. 

To clean, scrape off excess food with a spatula. When the stone has cooled, run it under hot water while scrubbing with a brush. Do not use soap on the stone. Pizza stones are porous and will retain the soap. The natural properties of the baking stone will cause it to darken and spot with age – do not attempt to remove this discoloration. Air-dry the stone and store inside the oven.

Pizzacraft stones can withstand temperatures of at least 900°F. Ceramic pizza stones are for oven use only and are not grill safe without a frame.

Product Specs
Weight 8.5 lbs.
Dimensions 15.6" x 17.8" x 1.5"
Material Ceramic, Stainless Steel
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