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15" Cordierite Pizza Stone Grill
  • 15" Cordierite Pizza Stone Grill
  • Grilling Pizza on the 15" Cordierite Pizza Stone Grill
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Monitor your oven or grill's temperature and create a consistently-heated baking surface with this pizza stone grill on an elevated stainless steel base and built-in thermometer.

The removable 15" x 15" ThermaBond™ pizza stone are manufactured with Pizzacraft’s exclusive ThermaBond™ technology; specially formulated to eliminate thermal shock breakage, promote even heat distribution and retention, and guaranteed durability for consistent cooking on the oven or grill.

*Pizzacraft stones can withstand temperatures of at least 900°F.

Weight 13 lbs.
Dimensions 15" x 15" x 2.5"
Material ThermaBond™, Stainless Steel
Pizzacraft offers a replacement pizza stone for the 15" ThermaBond™ Pizza Stone Grill.

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