Crepe Making Kit: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for Perfect Crepes

Make Your Favorite Crepes At Home! 

Sweet or savory crepes make for a great breakfast (or brunch), but most people only treat themselves to these pastries at restaurants because crepes can seem a bit daunting to prepare. Not only that, but a commercial crepe-making machine can cost upwards of $300! You would have to be pretty crepe crazy to buy one of those for some homemade crepes. 


These issues often cause us to settle for pancakes and waffles, but not anymore! Crepes made at home are not as hard as you think and with the Pizzacraft Crepe Kit, this delicious homemade breakfast just got realistic! 

Crepe Making Kit

The crepe maker includes everything you need to make all your favorite crepes at home, while tailgating, or camping! The crepe maker comes with a steel base plate, hardwood batter spreader, and crepe-flipping spatula.

Crepe Machine

The steel plate can be used on your grill or in the Pizzacraft Portable Pizza Oven or the PizzaQue Outdoor Pizza Oven. Both methods make for delicious restaurant quality crepes whether you are cooking for friends on a camping trip or making a sweet dessert for your mom this mothers day! 

This mothers day we are taking 25% off the crepe kit! Get your crepe kit now and make amazing crepes for your loved one!

Crepe Making Tips and Tricks 

High heat: Using the grill or Pronto Oven for crepes is perfect because the thin and delicate batter can be tricky to work with if it is not cooked at a very high heat. One of the most important tips to great crepe execution is a very hot steel plate! Make sure you let the grill and crepe plate heat to around 500° F before each new crepe, it makes a world of difference when the time comes to flip. An infrared thermometer can be very helpful here.

Thin it out: Another issue with making crepes can come from spreading the batter too thick! Do not be afraid to get thin with the crepe spreading tool. There is a learning curve to the perfect batter spread, but the trick is to get the batter as thin as possible in one 360° motion. 

Let it chill: Unlike most pancake batter, the sweet crepe batter has more butter in it. Chilling the batter recipe in the fridge for around 45 min before making your first crepe can make a big difference by allowing the butter to solidify into the mixture.

Crepe Batter Recipe 

Crepe batter recipe for crepe maker


2 eggs

1 C. all-purpose flour

3/4 C. milk

½ C. water

4 Tbsp. butter, melted

1 C. all-purpose flour

½ tsp. kosher salt

1 Tbsp. sugar


  1. In a large bowl whisk eggs. Add water, milk, and melted butter to the mixture. Mix. 
  2. In a separate small bowl add flour, salt, and sugar. Mix.
  3. Slowly add the flour mixture to the large bowl. Stir constantly as you incorporate the two. 
  4. Chill the batter in the fridge for 45 min before cooking. 
  5. Preheat the steel crepe plate until it reaches around 500° F.
  6. Pour 1/4 cup of batter onto the center of the plate. Immediately spread the batter in a 360° circular motion keeping the batter thin but unbroken. 
  7. Cook for around 40 seconds until the bottom begins to brown. Flip and cook for an additional 20 seconds. 
  8. Remove the crepe and fill with sweet or savory fillings! 

Dessert Crepe recipe

Try it out with more recipes:

We hope these tips and tricks help you cook some amazing crepes! We would love to see what you make on Instagram @_pizzacraft  #pizzacraft.


Robert Blake

I loved this recipe and tried at home so much easy to make and taste is too much delicious to eat as it is yummy and better than markets as homemade foods are better than outside markets foods in comparison to homemade food items.

Logan M Gelowitz

Love these! Great for sunday brunches with the family

Marie Douglas

I love this!! Taste so much better homemade and fun for any brunch party!!

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