Pizzafest: A True Team Effort

Here at Pizzacraft, we love pizza. No surprise there! Each year for the past three years, we’ve held an event called Pizzafest right here at the company headquarters in Berkeley, California. Last year, we raised over $13,000 for Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency, a non-profit that serves the poor, disabled, and homeless in the Bay Area. We couldn’t make it happen without our employees. Everyone at The Companion Group (from Sales to Marketing to Creative to Import) pitches in, and we wanted to take a moment to appreciate all the hard work they do!

Here are a few ways our staff contributes to this amazing event:

--Event planning. Any event this big needs a whole team of people behind it. From selecting a good date to renting the right audio equipment to coordinating with other companies like Lagunitas Brewery (who provides the beer), good event planning is key. Thankfully members of our creative team are up to the task!

--Beer ticket sales and pouring beer. Pizza and beer are the ultimate pairings. The right brew is the perfect way to wash down a hot slice. To keep the beer flowing, we have plenty of staff manning beer casks as well as the booths where drink tickets are sold.

--Pizza cook teams. Pizzafest is a great chance for our staff to show off their cooking skills! Every year, at least a few of the teams whipping up delicious pizzas include some of our employees. And our employees’ family and friends also join in the fun. We’re excited to see what they make this year!

--Publicizing the event. The marketing team works hard to make sure Pizzafest is on people’s radar. The team gets Pizzafest included in local event calendars and on sites like Yelp. We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the pizza fun.

--Helping the cook teams. With hundreds of people hungry for pizza, it’s important to keep the pizzas coming. That means each cook team needs plenty of ingredients: dough, sauce, cheese, etc. If any team is running low, our staff can jump in and help out. Nothing will stand in the way of feeding those pizza fans!

--Clean up. Sure, this isn’t a fun task, but with an event this large, a whole crew is needed to return the Pizzafest location to its usual state. Pizza crust, plastic cups, napkins, and other items are quickly scooped up right after the event so that our neighborhood stays as fresh as usual.

As you can see, Pizzafest is a team effort. Our employees contribute both on the day of the event and all year round getting ready for the big day. It’s kind of like being part of Santa’s workshop -- except instead of presents, we come bearing pizza! It’s one of life’s many pleasures and something we’re excited to share with our community. If you’re in the Bay Area, we hope to see you out there!



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