Three Time Pizzacraft Successfully Incorporated Customer Feedback Into New Products

We love Pizzacraft’s customers! Our customers send awesome pizza pics and some of the best recipe ideas. They also come to us with great suggestions for tools that could improve their pizza-making. We try to incorporate customer feedback into our products as much as possible by sending customer feedback to our product design team, which reviews the suggestions for feasibility. And we’re proud to say we’ve successfully worked customer feedback into final products time and time again. Here are a few examples:

1. Kettle Grill Pizza Kit.

A few years after we launched Pizzacraft, we realized many of our customers have a kettle grill lying around at home that they just aren’t getting enough use out of. Enter the Kettle Grill Pizza Kit! The kit turns a kettle grill into a pizza oven. It gives pizza a wood-fired smoky flavor that’s usually only achievable in a high-end brick pizza oven. We sure are glad we greenlighted this product.


2. Oven Extender and Aluminum Deep Dish Pan and Splatter Screen

The Pizzeria Pronto and the PizzaQue Pizza Oven are some of our strongest sellers. People take these ovens home and start experimenting right away. They make different types of pizza, as well as flatbread, naan, and even chicken breast. We saw how much our customers loved cooking various other foods in their pizza ovens because of their high heat capabilities and wanted to create a way to make the oven more versatile. To do so, we created the oven extender and deep dish pan dish splatter screen. These items allow an oven owner to adapt their current pizza oven into the ultimate outdoor oven. Using the oven extender, you can now extend the roof of the oven to allow for the cooking of larger dishes. Similarly, we created the deep dish pan and splatter screen to allow you to take advantage of the ovens high heat and cook other foods like steak that you may not want to cook indoors due to the amount of smoke caused by searing. 


3. Pizzacraft Pizza Peel with Folding Wood Handle.

One of the side effects of being a pizza-making junkie is that you just don’t have enough space to store all your tools! You gotta have a baking stone and a pizza peel at least, and both are fairly large. We heard from so many customers about the difficulty of storing their peels that we decided to design something that would solve that problem. The Pizzacraft Pizza Peel with Folding Wood Handle is about half as long as the average pizza peel because its handle folds onto the peel itself. When you’re done using it, you just have to turn the handle onto the peel and then store it in the cupboard. Your kitchen will thank you!


These are just a few examples of how we’ve grown wiser from listening to our customers. As we continue to release innovative pizza tools, we can’t wait to hear more from Pizzacraft fans down the road!




Hi Sandy! That is a really great point. Currently, we don’t sell a light attached to the pizza oven. That is possibly a great new addition that we could attempt to add in the future! Maybe a pizza peel with a light attached to the handle. Thanks for the comment!

Sandy Shapiro

We cook pizza mainly for dinner at night…Now in (fall /winter) it’s completely dark at 6:00 pm. How can you see how the pizza is cooking …especially at night. I can not hold my flashlight in my mouth for longer than 30 seconds. I Need a light to see what I’m doing. Thanks for your consideration.

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