Two New Products to Turn Your Pizzeria Pronto Into The Ultimate Outdoor Oven

Pizza may be our favorite food of all time, but realistically we can only make pizza a couple nights a week before our wrists start to hurt from kneading the dough. Yet, we felt bad letting a perfectly good oven go to waste when it wasn’t pizza night. After all, the Pronto and PizzaQue can heat up extremely fast and they get just as hot (and hotter) as a conventional oven with the added bonus of being outdoors. So we decided to turn our outdoor pizza ovens into the ultimate outdoor oven with the Outdoor Oven Conversion Kit. It includes:

  1. Aluminum Deep Dish Pan & Splatter Screen

The Deep Dish Pan and Splatter Screen are perfect for cooking smokey or smelly foods outdoors that you might not want to cook in your kitchen. The splatter screen attaches directly to the pan to make sure the inside of the oven stays clean. The handles of the pan fold together for serving and storage. 

Without any modification the pan fits perfectly into the Pizzeria Pronto or PizzaQue, allowing you to utilize the ovens hot temperatures.

Together, this combo is perfect for cooking meals that are smokey or smelly like steak or seafood because the high internal temperature can sear food quickly, while the luxury of being outdoors takes away the issues of smell and smoke in your home.


  1. Pizza Oven Extender

If you are looking for an even bigger meal the Pizza Oven Extender is an attachment that extends the roof of the oven to allow for baking and pan cooking larger dishes.

The simple attachment makes the oven opening large enough to bake bread or cook nachos, that normally may not be able to make the clearance of the oven opening.

Get Them Together - Outdoor Oven Conversion Kit

Together both of these products transform the Pizzeria Pronto or PizzaQue into a hyper-functional outdoor oven. They allow you to make the most of your Pronto and utilize the oven even when it isn't time for pizza. Having an outdoor oven can be perfect when there are foods you would rather cook outside but don’t work as well on a large grill. 

 Try out your outdoor pizza oven with some of these new ideas and let us know how it goes!



Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the comment. There were many discussions about the height of the extender when we were developing it! The designers finally decided on the 1.5" height because of concerns about safety: the hood and oven potentially being unstable and wobbly; heat retention: A 7" extender would cause the oven to loose a lot of heat and require a new wind door, like you suggested, and that was not something we were looking to develop at the moment; and use and sale: an extender that tall wouldn’t be as useful to as many people as the oven is primarily used for pizzas. But I love that you use it for so much. Very inspiring. Comments like this help us so much and I have passed them a log to the design team. Thanks!

Andrew Kocsis

Recently purchased the pizza pronto with the oven extender, smoker, back stop and door/shield. We really like the whole concept and it works well for pizza but the extender isn’t really big enough for bread and the smoker pellets caught on fire so I think I had the heat up too high for the smoker so there’s a small learning curve. I really think the extender should be at least 7” tall and there should be a door/shield that goes to a bigger extender. That would give a lot more room for bread (since it doesn’t need a 700+ degree oven to bake. This whole concept is a great one for Rv living or vacationing since it gives a lot of felxabilty and not just a one-trick-pony. Love it and hoping for a larger extender!


The oven extender was designed to allow for larger items to fit into the oven. Therefore, it will let out a little more heat through the opening. This means cooking a pizza will take around 7min to cook instead of 5min. This won’t hurt the pizza but won’t really help it either unless you desire the extra space to add more toppings or see the pizza cooking.

Justin Case

Question? Would the Pizza Oven Extender make it easier to make pizza as well or is it not recommended for this?
Thank You

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