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Pizza Oven Wok Kit
  • Pizza Oven Wok Kit
  • Wok Kit Installed on a Pizzacraft Portable Pizza Oven
SKU: PC6023

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Convert your portable pizza oven into the perfect high-heat source for stir-fry on the go! The stainless steel ring installs inside the oven body, cradling your pizza oven wok and allowing you to tilt and move your wok to get an evenly cooked stir-fry.

Cook up some veggies as a side dish, or make your whole meal!

Weight 3.4 lbs.
Dimensions 21.8" x 14" x 6.8"
Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Hardwood
  • Remove pizza oven hood and baking stones
  • Place ring onto the tabs within the oven body
  • Place wok into the center ring
  • Turn on your oven's flame and cook foods in your wok, rocking it to distribute cooking foods.
  • Read more on the pizza oven wok and how you can take the powerful, high-heat burner of your portable pizza oven to create authentic-tasting Asian dishes.
  • Learn how to create 2 easy wok dishes with the help of your portable pizza oven and wok kit.