Bar Style Pizza Recipe

A Long-Standing Pizza Debate

I try to never ask because it inevitably ends in an argument. No, I’m not talking about politics, I’m talking about pizza. Whether you are asking about the best pizza joint in town or the best style of pizza you are sure to hear a lot of opinions that are presented as matter of fact. There’s, of course, Neapolitan, New York, Chicago, and Detroit pies just to name a few. Then there is the side that says deep dish pizza isn’t truly a pizza. I’m not saying I agree so all you Chicagoans don’t go flooding the comments below.  

Bar Pizza

What Makes A Bar Pizza? 

I don’t want to make the debate any harder than it already is but I do think that Bar Pizza need a little bit of the spotlight too. Bar pizza also known as tavern pizzas are popular in New England. Two of the more notable establishments would be Star Tavern in New Jersey and Lynwood Café in Massachusetts.  You might be thinking “what’s so special about pizza served in a bar? I have been to plenty of pizza spots and had a drink with my slice.”  The pizza has a few unique properties. It is rolled out very thin and sauced all the way to the edge of the dough. The pizza is also cooked in an oiled pan. 

It’s thought that owners of bars wanted to offer some food to keep patrons in their seats instead of going somewhere else for food. The thin cracker-like crust is believed to have come about because owners wanted to make sure you don’t fill up too much leaving plenty of room for more beverages.  As anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry can tell you, beverages are where you make most of your money.

What's On It? Baked Bean, Salami, Onion?!

The toppings tend to be the traditional run of the mill toppings. The most popular being pepperoni, but let’s be honest it’s the most popular topping on any style of pizza. However, one of the most interesting combinations that I came across was the Bean Special from Lynwood Café. It comes with baked beans, salami, and onion. We couldn’t resist and had to make one ourselves. I was pretty skeptical of the pizza, assuming that it was just a gimmicky item on their menu. Who knows maybe it is, but let me tell you it was surprisingly good. The saltiness of the salami mellowed out the often overpowering sweetness of baked bean, while the onions really pulled everything together. I know it sounds crazy but give it a try.

Make Your Own At Home


1.  Spread 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil on an oven pan or the Aluminum Pizza Pan if you have Pizzeria Pronto® to cook in! Place the dough on the oiled pan.

Oiled Pizza Pan

2. Using a Pizzacraft® rolling pin roll out pizza dough so that is about 1/8 of an inch thick on a floured work surface. Use a Dough Docker to remove all air bubbles! This is not a pizza you want getting all puffed up.  Place the dough on the oiled pan.

dough dockerbar pizza

3. When adding the tomato sauce be sure to go light. The crust is thin and can easily become soggy. Spread the sauce all the way to the edge of the dough and sprinkle with low moisture mozzarella.

4. Add the toppings of your choice. Try bean, salami, onion!

5.  Bake for 7 minutes at 550 degrees F or until the bottom is golden brown and crispy. Serve and Enjoy! 

Tavern Pizza

Try It With The Pizza Pan

Pizza Pan with stand Pizza Pan

Pizza Pan With Stand For Serving         Pizza Pan / small, medium, large


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This week’s PIZZA OF THE WEEK is Jenny @LivingBreadBaker! Not only can she make amazing loaves of bread, but she also has a Pizzaque where she churns out some amazing pizzas like this one! Great work Jenny!

pizza of the week

Thanks so much to everyone else submitting pizzas! I see you, keep baking it looks delicious! 

If you tried out Bar Pizza in your Pronto® or in your own oven I would love to see on Instagram @_pizzacraft  or #pizzacraft. Next week will choose our favorite pizza or pita to feature right here on the blog! 



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Pizza is the proof there’s a God and he like good food that’s why he created us so he can come visit and enjoy a Pizza!

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