PizzaQue® Pizza Baking Kit for Gas Grills

The Best Way To Barbecue A Better Pizza 

Grilling season is here! But before you throw a pizza on your grill there are a few things you need to know. 

Many websites will lead you astray; recommending that you put a pizza right on your grill grates and close the lid. This is only an option if you want a burnt piece of bread with uncooked toppings. While the grill is amazing for cooking pizza because of its very high heat, it can also be too powerful without the right adaptations.

One of the best ways to cook pizza on the grill is to use a pizza stone. A pizza stone for the grill will give even heat to your pizza dough making for great crust. Yet, this is only half of the battle. Gas grills do not reflect heat back down on the top of your pizza as well as a classic pizza oven. This means your crust is going to cook much faster than your toppings. 

To fix this problem you can use the PizzaQue® Pizza Baking Kit For Gas Grills. This baking stone and steel lid kit will transform your regular gas grill into the perfect pizza grill. The kit includes a ThermaBond® pizza stone and steel lid that cooks the top and bottom of your pizza in a way that mimics our Outdoor Pizza Oven. This kit takes the guesswork out of grilled pizza and makes for a perfect grilled pie every time. 

Pizza Grill

The Pizza Grilling Kit Includes: 

A durable 12" ThermaBond® baking stone absorbs and radiates heat to evenly cook the crust

A steel lid that traps and reflects heat back down onto the top of your pizza ensuring cooked toppings and gooey melted cheese

Ventilation holes in the hood to allow moisture to escape, preventing soggy pies

pizza peel featuring a folding, comfort-grip handle makes it a breeze to transport pizzas to the grill and to retrieve them when they're finished cooking.

How To Cook A Pizza On The Grill

1. Preheat grill to at least 550°F with the PizzaQue® Pizza Baking Kit For Gas Grills inside with the lid closed. 

2. Prep your pizza on a lightly floured peel and slide it into the center of the baking stone. Slightly shake the pizza on the peel to loosen it before launching if it is feeling stuck. 

pizza grill kit

3. Cook pizza until the back edge begins to brown (around 2-3 min). Rotate the pizza with the peel 180 degrees and cook until the dough begins to brown and crisp along the edges. 

4. Using the peel, remove the pizza from the grill.

5. Leave the PizzaQue® Pizza Baking Kit in the grill to cool completely before removing. Always wear oven mitts when handling the stone or steel lid on the grill. 

    A Classic Grilled Pizza Recipe 

    One of our favorite pizzas to cook on the gas grill is a Soppressata and Honey Pizza. This combo is sweet and savory and tastes even better with the smoky flavors from the grill. 

    Grilled pizza recipe


    Plain Pizza Dough 
    Pizza Sauce 
    Thin Sliced Soppressata 
    Mike’s Hot Honey 
    Shredded Mozzarella Cheese 

    Don’t Have A Gas Grill?

    For tips on how to make great pizza on a charcoal grill check out: 

    We hope these tips help you cook some amazing grilled pizza this summer. We would love to see what you make on Instagram @_pizzacraft  #pizzacraft.



    Hi Jitendra, we do not currently carry a rotating stone for the grill because we have a premium stone for the grill that does essentially the same thing without needing to be rotated! check it out here: this stone provides amazing even heat:


    You make a rotating stone (two stones and a rotating tool) so why not offer two stone version for gas grill? Let me know if that is available.

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